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Balisong is the name of the famous Filipino "butterfly knife". Balisong is a tagalog (Filipino dialect) word, originated from the Batangas province (south of Manila, Philippines islands). This word is less ambiguous than "butterfly knife" which is also the name of Wing Chun weapons. Balisong means "broken horn" and refers to the mobile handle which protect the blade when closed. The balisong was the first knife which could be opened with one hand, very quickly. tries to present different aspects of the balisong culture to both the novice (to make that fabulous knife more known) and the balisong lover who wants to share his knowledge. is not an exhaustive website about balisong. Several other websites deals with various aspects of the balisong such as flipping techniques, collection, ... you'll find most of the links towards balisong information on the net in the references section.

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