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The Bal'XYZ
Following advices of, the XYZ concept developed by the French knifemaker Robert Losson gave birth to a new knife, symetric, and even more similar to balisong knives. The Bal'XYZ is still a prototype today, and we're going to test its opening/closing techniques capacities soon.

The XYZ is a new concept inspired from an ancient system and designed following the rules of the gold number proportions, by the French knifemaker and systems specialist, Robert Losson. Its locking system has some interesting similarities with balisong knives...

Modern heritage

The particularity of balisong consists of its quick one-hand opening techniques. Recent folder knives has been produced with such an inerty and opening mecanism that they can also be opened with one hand, very quickly. A simple wrist snap makes the blade goes out.

Above, you can see an American-made Benchmade Monarch folder knive, and a Chinese-made Sciko folder knive. The quality of the first one is great. The price of the second is almost nothing (3USD in April 2000, Shanghai).

Wrist snap opening

AVI clip
Hammer grip opening

AVI clip
Ice pick grip opening

AVI clip
Hammer to Ice pick grip change

Shobo / Emei thrust

Shobo is a Japanese weapon that you may find in the arsenal of Nin-Jutsu. It is kind of a sting with a ring or a rope in its middle to be handled with the middle finger. The sting can rotate around the finger, and can be used in different grips.

A similar weapon is also used by the Chinese style of "Emei".

Yawara & Tube Cigare

The Yawara is a famous self-defense weapon (my passion!) used to strike and to lock wrist or fingers. But the Yawara is such a simple object that many objects can be used... the Kubotan® is a Yawara but a cigare tube like Robert Losson's ones can also be very effective!


The Kubotan® is a keychain developped by Takayuki Kubota for self-defence. It has the functionnalities of the Yawara (short pocket stick invented in Japan) with also a certain inerty due to the key-ring and an extremely dangerous extremity (the one with the keys).
The Kubotan® can be used as a "punch load", as a stick to lock the joints of the opponent, as a mini-flail, ...

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