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Famous personalities in the History of the balisong

Perfecto De Leon

Filipino character of the beginning of the XXth century, who would be at the origin of the balisong...

Jeff Imada Jeff Imada
(California - USA)

Author of the famous, Balisong Manual, and the Advanced Balisong Manual, Jeff Imada is an expert in Filipino Martial Arts, balisong manipulation, and a known stunt choreographer in Hollywood film industry.

Les De Asis
(Oregon - USA)

Founder of Bali-Song, Pacific Cutlery & now leader of Benchmade. We owed him the best quality balisong ever made.


Jody Samson
(California - USA)

Famous blades-maker, Jody Samson is at the origin of the first high-quality balisong ("Bali-Song"). Now Jody Samson works for the movie industry, in Los Angeles, and creates swords and knives of a very particular style.
Anyway, we owe him A LOT.


Victor Anselmo
(California - USA)

American knife-maker who made the first balisongs of Les De Asis that lead him to start balisong business.

Dieter Knüttel

German Arnis expert who realized the first 2 videos about balisong distributed in Europe.

Fred Perrin

French knife-maker who wrote the first articles about balisong in the specialized French press. Specialist of "Tactical Knives", he created his famous "Griffe" knive. He is known as a very good balisong practitionner.


Darrel Ralph

American knife-maker, Darrel Ralph recently launched a small production of custom balisongs, in collaboration with Chuck Gollnick (see below). The name of the project is Gemini.

Scott Brennan
(Friday Harbor, Washington - USA)

Scott Brennan is a Kali/JKD expert, certified under Marangal Guro Teodoro Lucaylucay. He works as a sergeant for the San Juan County Sheriff's Department, and even teaches "Defensive Tactics" to the Police Enforcement. And mostly, he is the author of a 3 videos serie about balisong!


Specialists of the balisong on the web

Chuck Gollnick
(Oregon - USA)

Founder of [], Chuck Gollnick knows many many things about the world of balisong, the market, the different models, the cutlery terminology, ... well everything about collection !

Clay Groskranz
(New Jersey - USA)

Founder of [], Clay Groskranz is an expert of balisong manipulations.

"My first glimpse of a Balisong was in a movie. I'll never forget the rush of excitement I felt seeing that quick opening. Not long after, I found one, bought it, and stabbed myself in the leg trying to open it while driving home. Not the best way to start a relationship, but from that very moment I was hooked. That was 16+ years ago, and the obsession continues to this day. I learned everything I know using trial and error, and literally hundreds, (if not thousands) of hours of my life. Why so long? Well, after finding out there were no Balisong teachers listed in the phone book, I decided to let "Natural progression" take its course... and so it has. Now the mission has expanded to sharing my obsession, and inspiring others through my website"

Josh Zilla
(Massachusetts - USA)

Founder of [], Josh Zilla launched this special website, where you can purchase many balisong models online, in 1998. Josh has always wanted to do "a just for balisong knives site". Indeed Josh has a strong souvenir of a balisong story :

"I got in a fight in Jr High school 1984ish - there was a guy punching me in the face and 3 bigger guys moving in on me - it was outside after dark in a parking lot behind the school and I was cornered wearing tight cloths. I whipped out my china made 3" skinny handle butterfly and they backed right off and began to inventory their group for similar weapons to continue the battle - giving me enough time to move into a safe area and burn sneaker :) "

From that period, Josh Zilla has never left his balisong !

aka [Gunther Engel] or Johnny Holiday
(Pennsylvania - USA)

Founder of Urban-Legends website [
], SniperBOY has lived in the Philippines for most of her life where balisong are "very common and everyone has one as a toy".

"My first balisong was the 2.00 china cheapie in the Imada Manual, and a FHM... it rusted and I threw it out cause I got tired of the one opening I figured out and was stuck with. People knew that I liked weapons when I came to the USA to study. One day after an exam I went with friends to the local knife shop that I always go to but never bought anything from. Someone dared me to play with a balisong - and gawked when I easily manipulated the BM48 I eventually bought and still have and love. (...) In my spare time I try to hunt down balisongs for other people looking for balisongs. (...) One of the great feelings I get out of being a bounty hunter is being able to admire balisongs that go thru my hands before i pass them on to others. Making people happy by finding the blade of their dreams is also a plus."

John "Payback"

Founder of [], John explains: "As a kid, my dad and I watched a lot of martial arts movies. I was always intrigued by the different weapons used, but what caught my interest the most was the balisong. When I was 17, I saw another movie that had a balisong in it and I had to go buy one. From the minute I got it, I could not put it down. (...) A couple of years later, (...) I found, and I spent most of my spare time reading about and researching the balisong as well as practicing the techniques from balisongxtreme. I soon purchased my first Benchmade Bali-Song and as my love for this art grew, I later decided to create Club Balisong."

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